Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016
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As we told in our yesterday's post Nifty future started elliott wave 3 at 8748 on 24th OCT. it complete the inner wave1 and wave2. Today it just reach to complete the inner elliott wave 3. nifty-future-Elliott-wave-calculation-analysis-27-Oct-2016-Analysis.PNG

Now inner wave 3 say it reach 8574 as show in below
Now it goes down then come back for correction but you all need to stay with sell to reach a target of 8574,8550,8520 Wave 5 Inner Wave

Inner Wave 1 : 8748.00 - 8661.00
Inner Wave 2: 8661.00 - 8714.77
Inner Wave 3: 8714.77 - 8574.00
Inner Wave 4: 8574.00 - 8607.23
Inner Wave 5: 8607.23 - 8520.23

All this point you can calculate easily with our elliott wave excel files.

NIFTY future supertrend indicator tips

Nifty future supertrend indicator is also suggested a downtrend so just stay with downtrend as suggested by supertrend indicator in 15min chart.

NIFTY future tips

Continue with sell nifty future with target to reach 8574,8550,8520

Nifty future intraday trading tips & calculator

If you are interested in nifty future intraday tips then you can try our live calculator as given in below link

nifty standard deviation Value updated daily.
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nifty camarilla calculator
nifty elliott wave calculator.
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